Feeding Programs

This is one of the children who enjoys a hot meal, two times a week in Faith Medical Missions’s feeding program in Rio Nance, Honduras. More than 700 children have a hope of a better life thanks to the generosity of people who make these feeding programs possible.

You can help!!

You can make a difference every week in the life of a child by partnering with Faith Medical Missions. Only $10 a month will feed a child two hot, nutritious meals each week for a month.


In Honduras and Guatemala, there are clusters of poverty that we don’t see in the United States. Extended families, some with more the 10 members, live in one-room houses put together with scrap tin, cardboard and wood. For many, there are dirt floors and no water wells. Plastic bags are arranged on branches to provide privacy for outside restrooms, and filthy water runs in muddy rivulets from home to home. Life is a matter of survival.


The children are the ones who suffer the most. Diet deficiencies are causing several children’s hair to turn colors and fall out in patches. Anemia is common, and disease is easy to catch for the ones whom are weak.


Thanks to the generosity of Faith Medical Missions’ donors, twice a week 700 children in Honduras and Guatemala area get a hot meal. Every available seat is filled while volunteers from Inglesia Cristo Vive, a church in the area, give a Bible lesson before the meals. On Sunday, a bus picks up the children and brings them to a meal at the church.


John Wilson, president of Faith Medical Missions, said the programs started after Faith Medical Missions took a medical team to the area. Working with local pastor, Ernesto Munoz, Faith Medical Missions provided plates, cups and cooking utensils for the programs beginning in 2004. Pastor Ernesto oversees the programs.


“We felt that God was leading us to feed these kids with food and the Gospel,” John said.


“This area is one of the poorest places I know.”


God has blessed the programs and made it possible to provide dining pavilions with cement floors and tin roofs. Faith Medical Missions was also able to have tables made for each site for the children.