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Mar,  2018 – Tentatively    Cambodia

 Travel/Trip Information

Thank you for your interest in Faith Medical Missions! For 15 years Faith Medical Missions has been taking medical care, food, clothing, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to help ease the pain and suffering of our hurting world. In 2014 our volunteers provided medical services to over 14,000 people in the countries of Cambodia,  Guatemala, and Ecuador. The work of our medical teams is the result of our volunteers heading the call to put their faith into action. I am grateful that you are interested in learning more about our Medical Mission trips and hopefully you will travel with us!

In 2017 Faith Medical Missions will be traveling to the following countries:
Honduras, June 7-15th
Guatemala, October 21 – 28th

2017 travel dates will be posted on our website as soon as they are scheduled.
On a typical trip, the team sets up temporary clinics in new locations each day. In addition to an evangelistic team, each clinic includes general medicine, dental care, eye care and a pharmacy. More than half of the team is made up of people with no medical background who can be trained to work in the clinic areas or who can be part of the evangelistic team.
When you travel with Faith Medical Missions the cost of your trip covers hotel expense, morning/evening meal accommodations, and all transport expenses while traveling with the mission team. The cost of the mission trip to Central or South America is $1550 plus airfare and the mission trip to Cambodia is $2000 plus airfare, and Cambodia/Thailand is $2200 plus airfare.
Hear God calling you to a short-term mission? Call 405-224-0069 or email johnwilson@faithmed.org.

John Wilson
President of Faith Medical Missions